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Back in the game. Fast.

We have a seriously impressive track record with both manual and algorithmic penalties. The longer you spend being penalised, the more money your business will lose. So it’s important to act fast. On average, we revoke penalties within 2 – 3 weeks.

Penalty Removal
Penalty Removal

Manual penalties

Believe it or not, but these tend to be the simplest to revoke, and take the quickest time. Sometimes even a week. Google has manually looked at what’s wrong, so it is up to us to give it what it wants and do what it needs to revoke your penalty.

Whether it’s collecting link data, sending out DMCA requests, reconsideration requests, disavowing, etc. our processes responding to all types of manual penalties could not be tighter.

Clients who have experienced manual action removal, have often ranked even higher than they were pre-penalty.

Algorithmic penalties

This is the more unfortunate type of penalty to receive, as Google hasn’t told you why your site has been punished. This could take anywhere between a few weeks to a few months to rectify. Fortunately, you’re in good hands, as this is where we flourish.

We need to investigate what could potentially cause the issue, make a diagnosis, implement an action plan, and wait for Google to reindex and reward you.

It might take several analysis cycles, but with tons of data to support our strategies, we will eventually hit the nail on the head.

Penalty Removal
Penalty Removal

You’re in safe hands

Google is constantly moving the goalposts. Things that Google considers satisfactory for the user are always changing. Types of link building that may have once worked for you before are now useless, or even risky.

Luckily, we invest heavily in researching what works right now, what Google doesn’t like, what it’s susceptible to, and so on. We have a huge emphasis on research and development in general behind our approach as a company.

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