An in-depth technical SEO audit
highlighting your website’s priorities.

A comprehensive review of your website. Assess your full website code, technical configuration, content, mobile optimisation, ranking performance, site speed, backlinks and UX with our 120-point, bespoke SEO audit service.

Our audits make your decisions simpler



We discuss your website, establish your goals and where you feel your website could improve.


We start your website audit. Our audits use cutting-edge tools and good old-fashioned manual testing.


Categorised by section, with your priority issues highlighted. We discuss your audit and next steps.

Why people choose our audit services

what we do

We discuss your objectives and any current issues. We then manually test over 120 factors, covering every aspect of your website. Using our expert analysis, in-house scripts and cutting-edge tools, we uncover your website’s issues. We then prioritise your issues and compile the results into an actionable report.

..and what we don’t

We don’t run an automated audit, apply our logo and send it to you with a covering email. We don’t compete with free services. A free SEO audit might sound appealing; ultimately you get what you pay for. Most free SEO audits output data littered with misleading advice that rarely applies to specific issues on your website.

Our Technical SEO Audit gives you clarity on the obstacles preventing your website from ranking well in search engines

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