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Importance of Flyers in Advertising

Most of the modern marketing campaigns involve some kind of digital media. Over the past decade, most of it took place over radio and television whereas today everything is shifting to the internet. In these high-tech times, most businesses often overlook the importance of one of the oldest methods in business advertising: flyers!

Flyers are an extremely effective and cost-effective method of getting your message out to the masses. The attention spans of the current generation are really short due to the consumption of online content in unhealthy amounts. Flyers can be an amazing tool to advertise to such an audience with low attention spans, since they are more likely to pay attention to something that is handed to them physically, as opposed to something they scrolled past on their social media feeds.

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Importance of Flyers for Small Businesses

While bigger businesses with higher advertising budgets may be able to afford more expensive means of advertising, flyers can be particularly useful for smaller businesses. Here are a few reasons why this is so.

  • Cost-Effective

The very first and most obvious reason is the cost-effectiveness of flyers. You can get bulk printing from flyer printing company Houston and distribute them everywhere you can. Any business flyer maker will give you a good deal as long as you’re ordering in bulk.

  • Simple Design

Flyers, although need to be appealing to the eye for maximum effect, yet do not need to have a complex design. A simple, good-looking design can be equally effective as long as it gets your message across. You don’t need to put in a lot of effort and resources into designing a flyer.

  • Easy to Distribute

Moving flyers around and distributing them is really easy since they are light-weight and durable. You can transport them anywhere and distribute them to your intended audience.

  • Mass Targeting

Online advertising, although might be the most growing form of advertising, yet leaves people out who do not have access to online resources. Flyers, instead, reach everyone without any problem.

What paper is best for flyers?

If you want your flyers to have a premium look and you are willing to spend a decent amount on the printing, the matte paper must be your top choice. Otherwise, for economical flyers, you can go for gloss text paper. It will be available with any business flyer maker you find.

How much does it cost to print flyers?

On average, flyer printing costs between 5 to 10 cents per flyer. If you select a cheap flyer printing company and order in bulk, you can easily land an economical deal.

What is the best way to distribute flyers?

The best way to distribute business advertising flyers is to hang/paste them in as many public places as you can. Otherwise, you can hand them to people directly in public places and high traffic areas.

What does a good flyer include?

A flyer for business must include catchy visuals, great copywriting, and a strong call-to-action. If you use an experienced and reliable business flyer maker for your designs, they will keep all these in mind and create awesome flyers for your business.