What is The Best Banner Printing Material?

When you’re looking for an inexpensive yet effective means of mass advertising, banners are often a good option. If you are someone who has been used to marketing digitally, these banners might seem pretty old-school to you, however, their role in building a strong offline presence and driving in-store traffic is crucial. Such large prints hanging up in the air hardly get ignored and hence attract the attention of every single passer-by. This way, you not only get to a large number of people but also have to spend very less when it comes to the printing or the space rent.

Now since we have already established how important banners and printing company, let’s discuss the options for banner materials available to you in the market, followed by some recommendations for the best materials for specific uses.

Materials Used for Banner Printing

Generally, five different types of materials are used for banner printing, with each one having its own distinct features and specifications. Here’s a rundown of what these materials are and some major benefits of using them.

  • Vinyl

Vinyl is one of the most used materials for banner printing for both indoor and outdoor use. The design is usually digitally printed on the sheet. The print is waterproof, fade-resistant, long-lasting, and offers sharp and bright colors.

  • No-Curl Vinyl

A No-Curl Vinyl is simply an upgrade to the normal vinyl material. This one is a bit pricy but better in quality as compared to the original vinyl. You need to use grommets and avoid hems when installing a no-curl vinyl banner.

  • Mesh

Mesh has crisscross fibers that make it really strong. The small pores in between allow wind to pass through easily, and hence it endures strong wind without taking any damage. Mesh is a bit expensive and best suited for outdoor windy locations however due to the small pores, the image quality is not as good as vinyl.

  • Polyester Fabric

The polyester fabric gives a high-quality look to the banner. The design isn’t printed digitally. The print is created using a direct dye sublimation process. The material is scratch-resistant and can withstand mild weather conditions.

  • Canvas

Canvas can be a good material for indoor use since it has a hand-painted yet high-quality look to the design. It is mostly used for high-end displays and backdrops.

Best Material for Banner Printing

Summing everything up, Canvas and Vinyl can be excellent choices for indoor banners due to their high-quality designs and durability. For outdoors, White Mesh Vinyl may be the best option since it is able to withstand harsh weather conditions such as wind or rain.