What is Typography? 8 Reasons Why Typography is Important

What is Typography? 8 Reasons Why Typography is Important

One thing we find everywhere we look around and that is art and design. Typography is one of the important elements of art and design. Humankind has certain levels of communication and typography is a part of communication called graphic communication.

With the change of media mediums from print to tv and from Tv to digital development of the online world. Typography has also evolved along with the mediums, leaving a long history of typography behind.

To create a composed and visually appealing website you not only need good graphics and design elements but you need the content as well. And the content should be merged and must seem a part of your visuals.

Typography is about balancing the text with the visual content, creating an influential piece. It is the aesthetically and artistically arranged content among the graphic of a website to create ambiance.

In this article, we are discussing the importance of typography in web design and advertising. Telling you the reason typography is important in graphic communication and why we need it?

Here are 8 reasons why typography is important:

  1. A method of communication

According to different researches, around 78% of web users prefer to read the content rather than graphic images or videos. When users visit a website, they would like your visual images and graphic communication methods.

But then again, they would need text to understand what your website is about or what message has been conveyed through the image. The users prefer explanations rather than comprehending the material themselves.

Together the fonts, colors, style, and text create typography. All the elements of typography play a huge role in making the text readable, stimulating and thought-provoking which shows the importance of typography.

  1. Visually Appealing

We hear about the importance of typography, why is typography important in web design and graphic communication, the importance of typography in branding and so on. All of these show the immense use and need for typography in designing and everyday life.

If used correctly the typography can change the layout, the style and the feeling of a website. Typography not only helps you communicate with your visitors and consumers but also conveys the theme and impression of your website. Typography adds value and visual impact to our content as well as graphics.

  1. It creates the brand identity

Constant use of the same typography elements such as using the same fonts, colors, style, and design can help you build your brand identity. A certain font and design would be associated with your website and would remind users of your site whenever they come across the same font style text or content.

This will help your brand create its own brand identity and make it more recognizable within both the local and global markets.

  1. It establishes hierarchy

Typography makes categorizing and arranging your content and texts according to their significance very easy with the help of different types of text sizes and fonts.

You can easily highlight what is important and emphasize on via typography design and elements, as well as avoid attention to the text that is not important enough to be emphasized.

This will help the audience determine as to what content is important and what is not, on top of that they will not miss text that you want them to read.

  1. Shows professionalism

The correct use of typography rules would make your website look professional. Such as using the right colors, fonts, not mixing more than two fonts, keeping the right text size would give your website a proficient and expert touch.

The more professional and put-together a website looks the more secure your visitors would feel to visit it gaining trust not only helps in marketing but also increase traffic.

  1. It forms harmony

Having the same unified text size and style throughout your website and social media platforms would create harmony among the text as well as attract your user.

The more synchronized a pattern is, the more it helps in following the design elements. The formation of a harmonious ambiance shows the importance of typography in web design and graphic designing.

Aligning your fonts and text size in proportion with the right hierarchy will not only make your content look organized besides it’ll appeal your consumers.

  1. It increases readability

We can determine the importance of typography in branding and designing as it increases readability. Typography has an effective outcome when it comes to make the text readable for your visitors.

It not only determines the hierarchy and the significance of the text but also helps readers grasp the content. With the help of different fonts, size, spacing and text length, layout and paragraph determine the comfortability of the text to read.

Using typography skills, you can simply make your website appealing and easy to read. If a text has a very uncomfortable font, the user is likely to give up reading the same is for if the paragraph is too long.

Design your text so that it’s easy for the eyes to read a maximum of approximately 66 letters in one line. Use the right background and contrast so the text is visible as well.

  1. It is a silent charmer

The typography works silently, I would be visible but not noticeable and that is the charm it creates. Visitors would like your content without noticing it and that is a success.

Guide to Basic Typography Fonts

When starting to work with typography and graphic designing there are certain basic and most common fonts that never get old and are used all the time. They are lifesaver fonts, adaptable and flexible. They could be used in any situation and for any mood.

Here is a list of the most common fonts used in Typography:

New Times Roman

New Times Roman is the most common and officially used font. It is highly used as it is considered easier to understand both in documents and graphics. It’s a medium weight, serif font.


The most used font after New Times Roman is Arial. It is simple, straight and light weight, for that reason it is very appreciated.


This font is quite like Ariel and counted among a very common sans-serif fonts. Helvetica is mostly used for typography in graphic designing.

Goudy Old-style

The name explains the font, it is quite notable for its style and is attractive.


Verdana is made for web but is mostly used in print work. On the web it is mostly used as website typography as their body content. It is powered by Microsoft to work on web.


Another font produced by Microsoft, that is very similar to the previous font Verdana but with tighter spacing and narrow body. It is used on the same wavelength as Verdana.


A common serif font, that is called century for its history as it was used in old books back in the 20th century. It is also called Century Schoolbook. It is still used while writing or publishing a book.

Comic Sans

A very fun and exciting font, as the name says it is more of a jiggly font mostly we seen in Comic books.

Brush Script Standard

The font shows like the words are written with brush strokes, usually used in informal conversations or other nature of informal typography


Bodoni is a very elegant and stylish font, quite self-explanatory, they are contrasted between thin and thick strokes that are perfectly grouped together.


Typography is a powerful tool and history of typography is proof of that. Typography is a combine art form of different text styles, fonts, symbols, visual language, and colors. Even though it might seem like a small part of any design element or brand but the importance of typography doesn’t go unnoticeable.

The reason why is typography important in graphic communication is its significance in the design and graphic field. It is as important as other elements of designing for web designing and brand identity.

It creates an ambiance and balance among your design and text content; besides that, it attracts your visitors and turns them into loyal consumers. It keeps your website structured and builds hierarchy among the text format.

It helps your customers understand and read the content easily without any hassle. Besides, typography also plays a huge role in your brand identity and helps your brand look professional.

Typography cannot be avoided even if it is unnoticeable, it is an important part of a brand, it is advised when choosing what typography methods should be used, you must seek help from a professional.

If you have any questions about typography or any suggestion just comment down below in the comment section!